We don’t treat symptoms, we look for the underlying cause of your health problem 

Sports and training treatments

We have  treatments according to the sport you practice. Massage help muscle healing after activity.

We have the specific treatment according to the sport you practice. Therapeutic massage can help cleanse muscle tissue and boost blood circulation to improve muscle healing and recuperation following activity.

Pre and post surgery treatments


Therapeutic massage help to bring blood and nutrients to the affected area to repair soft tissue and accelerates the surgical recovery.It breaks up scar tissue as well. Before the surgery, it can play an important role in pain management. Massage can also provide relief from the stress and anxiety that often precedes the surgery 

Spa treatment


Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, hot stones, aromatherapy and much more are part of our spa treatments. They will reduce stress, improve circulation,  reduce pain,  eliminate toxins, improve flexibility and sleep,  enhance immunity and Reduce Fatigue. It even improve the mental outlook and quality of life for those living with chronic conditions.   

Therapeutic exercises


  We offer a variety of exercises to improve posture and release contracted muscles, tendons, and fascia, mobilize joints, improve circulation, improve respiratory capacity, improve coordination,  reduce rigidity improve balance

Corporate chair massage


    Improves productivity of your employees and decrease absenteeism, reduces stress, decreases anxiety and depression, relieves muscle tension and pain, improves quality of sleep, relieves headaches, lowers blood pressure, prevents repetitive strain injuries, increases immune function